Understanding the Growth of the RTB Market

Understanding the Growth of the RTB Market

Global RTB Market 2015-2019 is a research report on the real-time bidding industry. It profiles various key players, including Facebook, Inc., AppNexus, Inc., and Google, Inc., and it indicates that the RTB marketing is expected to increase 41.18% by 2019.

One of the primary catalysts of this growth is an improvement in ROI. This is encouraging advertisers, media buying agencies, and publishers to learn more about the RTB phenomenon. Basically, it enables businesses to compete and target specific markets using a bidding process. Factors like flexibility in pricing and publishers’ inventory control are likely to further impact this market.

The report did identify that security and privacy concerns are some of the primary challenges associated with RTB. Publishers worry about audience-related data being presented to marketers during the bidding process; the concern is that it could be used maliciously.

Another study, called Real-Time Bidding Report, is also focused on the potential evolution of this market, which is the advertising concept reflecting the most growth by generating increased ROI for supply and demand alike. The report analyzes forecasts and includes country breakdowns of France, Italy, the UK, the US, Germany, Spain, and Japan. This is done in conjunction with discussion regarding the four biggest Internet influencers: Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. Marketing-specific players are acknowledged as well. This report concurred with the Global RTB Market 2014-2019 report in that it identified RTB as the quickest-growing component of digital advertising.

Global Real-Time Bidding-Based Ad Display Market 2012-2016 is yet another report on the RTB concept, and it forecasts that this market will grow 43.8% by 2016. It is in agreement with the previously mentioned research that one of the major motivators for this increase is the need for greater ROI. It, too, mentions the concern about potential data leakage problems. Key players mentioned include AppNexus, Inc., Yahoo Right Media, and Google, Inc.

A Glimpse into RTB Spending Trends Globally

Billions of dollars are spent on RTB spending every year. By 2018, this amount is anticipated to climb to more than $12 billion, which will constitute approximately 30% of the US’s display ad spending. The popularity of video RTB is also growing, breaking $1 billion in 2014 (representing a $284 increase from 2012). This accounts for nearly one quarter of the country’s spending for online video advertising.

Of course, mobile technology is hugely impacted as well. RTB comprises nearly 50% of mobile ad purchases. Furthermore, the amount of mobile RTB auctions is increasing by roughly 35% every quarter. This growth is quite pronounced in countries all over the world as well. For instance, Australia’s RTB supply grows 124% each quarter, Argentina’s has been doubling. The UK’s supply is growing at a rate of 83% and Brazil’s at a rate of 68%.

Not surprisingly, this leads to even greater spending. Money spent in this area has grown 73% in the US, 89% in Thailand, 99% in France, 106% in Switzerland, and 111% in Indonesia. The US accounts for about 65% of total mobile RTB spending in the world.

Food and retail has surpassed entertainment and media is the main category of mobile RTB spending (entertainment and media spending is still quite significant, however). Social networks and games are the runners-up.

Despite the security risks, it appears that RTB is on its way to lasting success – even greater than it has achieved already. If the privacy matters are resolved, it will undoubtedly change the world of marketing for the better.