Ad Specs



Display advertising, also referred to as banner advertising, is an advertisement that shows up next to content on webpages. It has many forms such as text, images, video, flash, and audio. The primary purpose of display advertisements is to deliver brand messages to the millions of people who use the internet every day. These advertisements link to a product or service upon being clicked on by the internet user. Display advertising is the pioneer of internet advertising, and will continue to play a large role going forward. Rich media display ads are becoming increasingly popular. With rich media display, users are more engaged with the advertisement in contrast to the traditional static banner display. Video, audio, and even mini games bring a user into the advertisement, and let them experience what a brand has to offer. Display advertising will continue to be a necessary asset for brands looking to reach their targeted customers. A display advertising campaign is a must in every brand’s digital advertising portfolio.



Mobile advertising is the fastest growing digital advertising channel. By 2018, it is projected nearly half of all digital ad spending will be to capture mobile users. In fact, about $42 billion dollars are projected to be spent by 2018 with mobile ads alone. Mobile advertising is effective only if the targeting is done right. AdTheory has the ability to target mobile users anywhere in the world. Our micro-targeting techniques allow us to target the right demographic at the right time, optimizing our clients’ budgets for increased ROI.



With user engagement and interaction a must in today’s digital advertising world, along with faster streaming technology, video advertising provides the emotional connection brands seek with consumers. Both desktop and mobile video advertising are growing tremendously and will for the foreseeable future. As streaming media grows, so does the opportunities for brands to reach their targeted audience. At AdTheory, we have the capability to put those videos in front of the correct audience, at the right moment. Whether a brand seeks a small audience, or an audience on a national scale, AdTheory maximizes video placements to fit our clients’ needs.