An Overview of the College Degrees that Promise the Highest-Paying Jobs

An Overview of the College Degrees that Promise the Highest-Paying Jobs

Enrolling in a reputable educational institution and completing a degree program requires a significant investment of time, energy, and financial resources. It is such a monumental life decision, one that will drive your financial future, so selecting the right area of study is crucial.

When considering your career options, you must analyze your current interests and skills in conjunction with the most lucrative industries. The result will be a career path that is personally, economically, and professionally rewarding.

In particular, 10 college majors have been identified as the most likely to lead to high-paying jobs. Geology, with its focus on land, ocean, and atmosphere, is such industry. Geology majors enter the field with an annual average starting salary of $45,000. The approximate mid-career figure is $84,200.

Information Systems is the next option for promising majors. Those pursuing degrees in Information Systems design and implement tools for businesses to manage their payroll and products. Starting salary is $51, 400 and the mid-career salary is $87,000.

A degree in Construction Management will also prove beneficial. To plan, manage, and organize projects, construction managers enter the field making approximately $53,400. By mid-career, they can expect to make $89,600.

Math majors are able to enter any one of a variety of fields, such as insurance, education, banking and finance, and accounting. They launch their careers at $47,000 and can expect to make $93,600 by mid-career.

Biochemistry and statistics occupy the middle of the list of the 10 most lucrative majors. Biochemists work as researchers, lab technicians, and analytical chemists. Their starting salaries are $41,700 and they will likely make $94,200 at the mid-points of their careers. Individuals with statistics majors are skilled in the analysis of matters such as marketing strategies and political strategies. Their early and mid-career salaries are $48,600 and $94,500, respectively.

The field of computer science continues to be highly lucrative. It involves navigating and managing algorithms. Careers are available in information technology, programming, and software design. Individuals entering the field can expect to make approximately $56,400 and $97,400 by mid-career.

Like math majors, physics majors are qualified to enter a wide range of fields. These include education, science, and engineering. They earn more than their peers in mathematics, however, beginning their careers with salaries of $51,100 and earning $98,800 later.

In addition to statistics and math, individuals with economics degrees are knowledgeable in the areas of history, psychology, political science, and social science. Their salaries start near $50,200, and increase to approximately $101,000 by the middles of their careers.

Engineering degrees top the list of the most lucrative industries. Degrees may be focused on chemical, electrical, mechanical, aerospace, industrial, environmental, computer, and civil engineering. Engineers start their careers at $59,000 and, like economics majors, reach $101,000 by mid-career.

People who invest in degrees that promise financial stability position themselves for long-term personal and professional success. With sufficient motivation, any of the above fields of study will produce results.