A Guide to Online Educational Institutions That Offer Military Discounts

A Guide to Online Educational Institutions That Offer Military Discounts

Although veterans and servicemembers are afforded various forms of assistance for the purpose of furthering their educations, they are often insufficient. As a result, many online colleges and universities offer fee reductions, free books, scholarships, and other opportunities to those who have served or are currently serving in the military.

Capella University:

Capella reduces tuition 15% for undergraduate programs and 10% for graduate programs. The institution will also transfer credit for military training and similar experience.

DeVry University:

Guardsmen, those serving actively, or reservist personnel in any branch of the Armed Forces are eligible for special pricing. Spouses are eligible as well, and application fees are waived.

Kaplan University:

For undergraduate programs, tuition is reduced 45-55% for those actively serving and 24-38% for veterans. For graduate programs, rates are reduced from 12% to 22% depending on military status and selected program.

University of Phoenix:

Special rates are in place for those serving actively, as well as their spouses. The University also offers financing, GI Bill benefits, and credit for experience.

Strayer University:

Strayer provides scholarships to supplement the government’s assistance so that undergraduate tuition may be completely covered and that graduate tuition may be mostly covered.

Western International University:

This institution is VA approved and accepts College Level Examination Program (CLEP). It is a member of the MYCAA and Yellow Ribbon programs. It also offers discounts to veterans, those actively serving, and their dependents. Counselors are available as well.

American Sentinel University: American Sentinel offers discounted tuition rates.

University of the Rockies:

Those belonging to the military community are eligible for grants to assist with the pursuit of Master’s or Doctorate degrees.

Trident University:

At no cost every fiscal year, servicemembers may complete approximately seven courses toward a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree.

Azusa Pacific Online University:

This institution provides tuition assistance to veterans and to those who are serving actively. It participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program as well.

Tiffin University:

Tiffin participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program, ROTC, and the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges Consortium. It also offers scholarships and tuition discounts.

California Miramar University:

All military spouses are awarded 50% tuition discounts.

Saint Leo University:

This university is known for its military affiliation; it participates in ROTC as well as MyCAA and the Yellow Ribbon Program. It also provides counselors and fee reductions to veterans and servicemembers.

Central Michigan University:

Central Michigan offers reduced rates to Department of Defense Civilians, along with reserves, guards, those on active duty, military retirees, and their spouses.

Remington College Online:

This institution participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program, provides GI Bill Benefits, and discounts to military members.

Columbia Southern University:

Application fees are waived for servicemembers and credit is given for military training. Dependents and spouses of those serving active duty are awarded 10% discounts.

Robert Morris University:

Robert Morris is equipped with specialized counselors and is approved by the VA. It participates in the MyCAA and Yellow Ribbon programs, accepts CLEP and ACE credits, and offers discounts to servicemembers, veterans, and their dependents.

Colorado State University Online Plus:

Discounts of 10% are provided to military personnel enrolled in a College of Business, and 15% to those in the College of Engineering.

Regent University:

Regent offers a 15% tuition reduction to spouses and dependents of reservists, those serving active duty, guardsmen, retirees, and those in the public service field.

Everglades University:

This institution participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program, MYCAA, CLEP, and the Standard Occupational Classification System (SOC). Also assists with tuition and VA benefits.

Rasmussen College:

Current and former military personnel receive 10% tuition discounts. Spouses, as well as dependents to age 21, of those serving actively are also eligible for the discount.

Florida Tech University Online:

Specially priced graduate programs are available to anyone actively serving, to guardsmen, to Reservists, and to veterans. Dependents and spouses of deceased or disabled servicemembers are also eligible.

Post University:

Post is also VA approved, and also participates in the Yellow Ribbon and the SOC. The university offers discounts to active servicemembers, veterans, and their dependents. It also recognizes DSST standardized tests.

Grand Canyon University:

This institution reduces tuition to enable undergraduate servicemembers to earn their degrees at no cost.

Liberty University:

Liberty offers a variety of discounts to servicemembers, veterans, and their spouses.

Grantham University:

Grantham also offers rate reductions to servicemembers, veterans, their dependents, and first responders.

Keller Graduate School of Management:

Servicemembers and their spouses are eligible to receive the discounted price of $1,690 for a 3-credit graduate course. Military coursework credits may also be transferrable.

Herzing University Online:

A tuition discount of up to 20% is available for undergraduate classes.

Keiser University:

Military training credits are also considered at Keiser, and scholarships are available for servicemembers, veterans, and their dependents.

Jones International University:

Special military rates are available for undergraduate courses, and tuition reductions of 20% are provided for graduate programs. Also, an undergraduate book program manages the costs of e-books, textbooks, and any other required reading.

Military service personnel, veterans, retirees, and their families deserve recognition in the form of educational assistance. Numerous online colleges and universities provide just that in the form of reduced tuition rates and discounts, free books, scholarships, and participation on a variety of military-based programs.